At The Theater #24: Cyrus

The title character in Cyrus is one of the best movie villains I’ve seen in the theater this year. Jonah Hill is the overly coddled son of single-mother Molly (played by Marissa Tomei) is as manipulative as he is jealous. He’s great at pushing all the right buttons to get what he wants. There were times I felt really sorry for John C. Reilly’s character John, Molly’s new boyfriend who Cyrus targets as a threat. This kid is evil. I guess he’s not really a kid. The man-child is evil.

Ladies, this movie is a warning against breast feeding too long.

What Cyrus really does well is highlight the awkwardness that comes at the beginning of a new relationship. Nothing seemed clichéd during John and Molly’s courtship. It felt honest and real, while still being entertaining to watch. Mademoiselle Chambon, are you paying attention?

Catherine Keener plays John’s ex-wife. Since the last thing I saw her in was An American Crime, I felt on edge every time she walked on the screen. I knew it was only a matter of time before John was going to have cigarettes burned out on his arm —SPOILER!!! (KIDDING!)

We saw Cyrus at the movie theater at the Brooklyn Academy of Music aka BAM. I’ve seen 4 movies at BAM Rose Cinemas over the years and I think She’s Got to Have It has been playing there every time I go. Does Spike Lee have compromising pictures of BAM’s board of directors?

No matter when you’re reading this, it’s probably playing at BAM.

Just as a FYI about their concession stand, the caramel popcorn is $8. Now that you’re aware, when you order it your eyes won’t widen like mine did or say “I only wanted one,” like I almost did.

This has been a very tough summer movies season. There are so many bad movies clogging the multiplexes. The good thing is that this year a lot of the junk is easy to identify. Skip that stuff and see Cyrus instead. And then leave a comment below.