2011 New York Comic Con Exclusives

New York Comic Con is right around the corner, happening October 13-16, and Tuesday Night Movies will be there for all four days of the con!

There are going to be a lot of exclusive merchandise available at NYCC this year. Here is some of the cooler looking swag.

Dexter Action Figure (Entertainment Earth)

I’ve never watched Dexter. I know, I know, how could I not, everyone asks me. There’s just so many hours in the day. I’ll get around to it. But if you’re a fan of the show, and that seems to be anyone who has ever seen it, this could be the toy for you.

How likely will I buy it? No chance. I mean, I should see the show first, right?

Deadpool Corps Minimates (Diamond Select)

What’s better than one Deadpool Minimate? Five of them! Especially when one is just a zombified head with a propeller attached to it!

How likely will I buy it? Maybe as a gift for my brother, otherwise not likely.

Doctor Who TARDIS Bobblehead (Entertainment Earth)

It makes TARDIS sounds! I might have to buy this. I might not be only Tuesday Night Movies contributor buying this at NYCC.

How likely will I buy it? IT MAKES TARDIS SOUNDS!

Doctor Who TARDIS Lunchbox (Entertainment Earth)

It does not make TARDIS sounds. But it will hold your lunch.

How likely will I buy it? If it made TARDIS sounds, I would be saying WANT right here. How cool would it be to hear the TARDIS sound every time you took out your lunch?

Dr. Who The Fourth Doctor Action Figure

Tom Baker in 8 inches of glory. Check out that hair. Check out that scarf. When I was teen working at my local library, Tom Baker was my only exposure to Doctor Who, when I had to shelve books with his likeness on it in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. I never saw a Tom Baker Doctor Who episode, so I won’t be buying this. But check out that scarf.

How likely will I buy it? I have no reason to own this. My Doctor is Chris Eccleston. I would buy a life size version of The Fourth Doctor’s scarf, though.

Twilight Zone Bob Wilson/Don Carter (William Shatner) Action Figure (Entertainment Earth)

I love The Twilight Zone. Two of favorite episodes starred William Shatner: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet and Nick of Time. With this action figure, you can recreate both episodes…if you know, make a scale model airplane or diner.

How likely will I buy it? I don’t own any Shatner dolls. No need to start now. But if they made a talking toy of the fortune telling machine in Nick of Time, I would…be too afraid to buy it, or even look at it.

Venture Bros. Rusty and Jonas Venture Sr. Action Figure Set (Entertainment Earth)

Entertainment Earth is bringing a lot of cool stuff to NYCC. If you like Venture Bros, this is doubly awesome: two action figures and a lunch box (Is that triply awesome?).

How likely will I buy it? I’m still working my way through season one of Venture Bros, so it’s safe to say…no chance.

Batman Arkham City The Joker (Sickened Variant) Action Figure (Graphitti Designs)

If you want this action figure, you’ll need to wait in line for a wrist band, then wait on another line to buy the figure. If you like waiting on lines as much as you like The Joker, how can you pass this up?

How likely will I buy it? I have to wait on how many lines to own this? Yeah, no thanks.

Batman Mez-Itz Mega Scale Action Figure (Mezco Toys)

If you’re buying that Joker action figure, you’re probably buying this as well. You also probably tell your friends how you’re the Batman of your group, with your keen intellect, tactical mind and sullen demeanor.

How likely will I buy this? Not for me. I find these Mez-Itz to be weird looking. Doesn’t Batman look like he has a paunch?

Thundercats Lion-O Mega Scale Action Figure (Mezco Toys)

This monster is 20 inches tall, has light up eyes, a claw shield and both short and long versions of the Sword of Omens.

How likely will I buy it? No chance at all. I just put it up here because one of my good friends is a huge Thundercats fan and I want to hear about how he short circuited his computer’s keyboard while drooling as he looked at this description.

Battlestar Galactica Toaster Necklace (Her Universe)

This one doesn’t excite me as much as it confuses me. Are the Cylons the evil toaster manufacturer of the BSG universe? Seriously, I don’t get this.

How likely will I buy it? Buy it? I don’t even understand it!

R2-Q5 and R2-A3 Star Wars Christmas Ornaments (Hallmark)

On second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…two R2 units.

How likely will I buy it? I’m dreaming of a Star Wars Christmas…

Star Trek USS Defiant Christmas Ornament (Hallmark)

Maybe you’re more Star Trek than Star Wars. Don’t worry, Hallmark will take your money too.

How likely will I buy it? In my world, Star Wars > Star Trek.

Compound Hulk Action Figure (Hasbro)

Call me old fashioned, but Compound Hulk has nothing on Composite Superman. But it does unintentionally look like a Christmas decoration with all that red and green, so I’m listing it right after the ornaments.

How likely will I buy it? Me no like Hulk color blindness test toy.

R2-Q5 PS3 (Major League Mods)

Whoa, okay forget that R2 Christmas ornament. This might be the coolest thing debuting at NYCC. It’s an R2 droid that IS ALSO AN PS3 AND PROJECTOR. Hot damn. Major League Mods is also having a raffle to win an R2-D2 X-Box 360. If you need to find me at the con, I’ll be the guy wiping drool off his chin at this booth.

How likely will I buy it? I’m guessing this will be serious $$$, so I won’t be buying it. But I will be admiring it, no doubt and looking jealously at anyone who buys it in my presence.

Luke Skywalker Metallix Print (Official Pix)

This thing’s $30 and if you’re going to get Mark Hamill to sign something, it does look pretty cool. However, Mark Hamill’s autograph is $100 (!). Too rich for my blood.

How likely will I buy it? I once paid for Carrie Fischer’s autograph. It was much less than $100, she wrote “Love to you” on my DVD and Mark Hamill just doesn’t look as good in a gold bikini, or so I’m told.

8 Bit Mogo Button (Victor Dandridge)

This 8 Bit Mogo button is adorable. You have to win an 8 Bit Challenge contest to take it home. What’s that involve? I have no idea. But I plan on finding out.

How likely will I buy it? It sounds like you can’t buy this, but if there’s not a huge crowd at this booth, I’ll definitely try to win one.